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Enhance your brand through the use of sound. Create an experience in your restaurant or retail environment.

Equipment & Installation :

We stock most equipment for sound systems. BSC can do same day or next day installations if you need it.

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Professional Sound Systems
At BSC, we design, sell and install professional quality sound systems and equipment. Sound systems are commonly used for background or foreground music or paging systems. We stock most equipment in our warehouse. That means we can do an installation as quick as the same day or next day if your needs require it.

Whether you have a house of worship, school, auditorium, restaurant, food market, retail store, office building or any other facility that requires a sound system, BSC has the professional engineering staff and installers who will design the system to meet your specific requirements.

Quick & Easy Process
If you are ready to look at a sound system for your business simply give our office a call. Our sales technicians will come to your business and listen to your needs. They'll take into consideration, the layout and structure of your building as well as the personality of your business and patrons. Next they'll make recommendations for the right speakers and equipment to meet your needs. Once, the proposal is approved, we'll make arrangements for a convenient time to install the new sound system.

To make your sound system as cost effective as possible, BSC can design your system to function as your intercom, establish your audio environment and act as your emergency annunciation system.

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