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HME Odessey Headset with Battery
Lowered distortion and greater voice response capabilities along with a new advanced speaker system designed specifically for the drive-thru enable our second generation Odyssey IQ to make an immediate impact on your customers' experience.

  • Most Comfortable
    Odyssey IQ is the most comfortable
    all-in-one headset on the market
    and weighs only 4.75 ounces.

  • The Ultimate in Reliability
    Built with a minimum of moving
    parts,Odyssey IQ is durable and
    highly reliable.

IQ Headset from HME
HME’s industry leading digital drive-thru Wireless IQ system just got better. Enhanced noise cancellation makes the customer’s order even clearer which improves the speed and accuracy of your crew. A new advanced speaker system designed specifically for the
drive-thru, creates a better overall experience for your customers.

  • Cleaner, Clearer Sound
    Fifth generation digital noise
    cancellation dramatically
    improves clarity and
    order accuracy.

  • Compact Size
    Wireless IQ fits in the palm of
    your hand and is by far the
    smallest belt-pac on the market.

  • Durable and Reliable
    Headsets with superior strength
    steel cables and belt-pacs with
    completely sealed buttons make
    Wireless IQ extremely durable
    and reliable.
Display timer
Challenge your drive-thru crew to meet service time goals. Employees see service times in two colors—green indicates the target time goal is achieved, while red signals the time goal was not met.
HME System 30A Timer with Tape
HME's System 30A Timer tracks drive-thru wait times so your staff literally competes with the clock to expedite orders, resulting in better service and more customers served per hour. The System 30A Timer will have an immediate and dramatic effect on the profitability of your business.

System 30A Timer:

  • Displays drive-thru service times to both employees and customers
  • Enables management to track and evaluate service times
  • Provides real-time, user-friendly reports for analysis

System 30A provides managers with valuable data to diagnose problem areas and cost-effectively staff the drive-thru crew. System 30A is flexible and can be programmed to
accommodate a variety of drive-thru configurations to help you serve more customers throughout the day. TRACK TIMES ACCURATELY Unlike POS systems, System 30A is not dependent on employee interaction to track drive-thru service times. System 30A is a more automatic and accurate method of timing the customer’s “true” drive-thru experience. You can also deter internal theft by comparing the number of drive-thru
customers tracked by System 30A to the number of receipts from the cash register.

HME Zoom Timer
More than a drive-thru timer
  • View multiple drive-thru points simultaneously – at a glance
  • Pinpoint problems as they occur: take action to keep cars moving
  • Download reports, view real-time activity from your PC, anytime, anywhere

Every Second Counts
It's no secret that speed-of-service is critical to today's competitive quick service marketplace. That's why HME, the world-leader in drive-thru timing, created Zoom. Unlike other drive-thru timers, Zoom's advanced design provides complete visibility into your entire operation. Its intuitive, multi-color dashboard, customizable reports and network accessibility make Zoom invaluable for any drive-thru operation.

Telephone Interface
Restaurant managers can easily answer the phone while supervising the drive-thru and handling other restaurant business.

  • Mobile Conversations
    With the TI6000, you’ll hear the phone ring in the headset. With the touch
    of a button, you can answer and talk on the phone without disrupting
    drive-thru operations.The call will be heard in full-duplex and can be muted
    to minimize background noise.
  • Digital Clarity
    Because the TI6000 works with the digital communication system, both
    the customer and employee experience clear, secure, interference-free
    sound quality.
  • Private Conversation Option
    The TI6000 allows a manager to answer the phone via the headset or use the
    office phone for a private conversation.
  • Convenient Phone Communication
    Because of the digital system’s multichannel feature, the extra channel is
    used for telephone communication and will not disrupt drive-thru operations.
  • No Need for Cordless Phone
    The TI6000 eliminates the need for cordless phones that are frequently
    misplaced or are not charged.

Message Repeaters
Now your customers will never have to wait to be acknowledged at your drive-thru. The MR300 Message Repeater is easy to use and versatile:

  • Different messages can be sequenced so customers don't have to hear the same messge as the car in front of them.
  • Record messages through the built-in microphone, HME headset, computer sound files, or from the corporate office using the Message Module.
  • Store from (1) to (5) different messages of varying length.

Speaker Posts
The SPP2 Speaker Post is built to withstand the rigors of the drive-thru while providing the highest possible sound quality. Its full-duplex design houses both speaker and microphone, so the customer and order-taker communicate naturaly for better order accuracy and customer service.

  • Enclosed Chambers
    Acoustically designed to significantly improve sound quality for better
    order accuracy.
  • Easy Installation and Mounting
    Mounting kit provides easy installation for new and existing restaurants.
  • Matches Any Restaurant Color-Scheme
    A wide variety of available colors ensures a match with virtually any restaurant.
  • Reflective "ORDER HERE" Sign
    Easy-to-spot sign helps guide customers to your drive-thru.
  • Durable Design
    Rugged steel construction and zincbased paint help SPP2 withstand the
    harshest weather conditions.
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Other Features Available With Our HME Drive Thru Systems
Make Every Second Count
Unlike most drive-thru timers, ZOOM's advanced design provides complete visability into your entire operation. It's intuitive, multi-color dashboard makes it easy to understand what's happening at a glance. Green is good, yellow means pay attention, and red means speed it up!
Real Time Comparisons
Compare actual times to service goals with ZOOM's bright dashboard display. Easily seen from anywhere, it can be set up to display up to 8 real time events.
Flexible Reporting
Graphical reports streamline information and help analyze data more efficiently. Generate preconfigured or custom reports with ease. Identify trends, anticipate and resolve problems, and motivate employees with ease.
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