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In today's quick service marketplace, every second counts. The right system makes all the difference.

Increase Drive Thru Efficiency -
Decrease Customer Wait Times

We understand that as much as 60% of your annual revenue comes from your drive thru services, which makes it a critical aspect of your business.

BSC drive thru service helps to reduce customer waiting time, increase traffic volume, spotlight products, boost employee productivity and verify transactions. Everything you need to help your drive thru business run more smoothly - from headsets to service timers.

BSC Drive-Thru Services deliver top-quality equipment, installation, service, and customer satisfaction.

  • Complete package includes drive-thru equipment, installation and support.
  • Leading dealer of top manufacturers including 3M, HME and Phase Research.
  • National service support network including superior installation and ongoing maintenance


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HME 3M System

Every Second Counts
It's no secret that speed-of-service is critical to today's competitive quick service marketplace. BSC partners with HME, a world-leader in drive-thru timing. Unlike other drive-thru timers, HME's advanced design provides complete visibility into your entire operation. Its intuitive, multi-color dashboard, customizable reports and network accessibility make Zoom invaluable for any drive-thru operation.

  • View multiple drive-thru points simultaneously – at a glance
  • Pinpoint problems as they occur: take action to keep cars moving
  • Download reports, view real-time activity from your PC, anytime, anywhere

The 3M wired and wireless intercom systems for QSR drive-through, full-service take-out, convenience store communications, as well as many other applications, provide a variety of customizable communications capabilities. 3M intercoms are easy-to-use and deliver clear, reliable communicaions for increased sales and customer service.

In addition, 3M intercoms provide a means of communication to help meet safety and security needs. Examples include: The National Fire Protection Code for self-serve gas stations requires attendants have the ability to communicate with customers at the pumps; restaurant employees being able to communicate with other employees in unsafe situations such as delivering take-out orders, taking out the garbage, etc.; communication at secured delivery doors to help confirm legitimate deliveries.





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